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Company Background 

CM Training, LLC was founded in 2017. CM Training, LLC is a consulting company operating in Baltimore, Maryland. CM Training, LLC provides training and consulting in the area of human service training to providers, professionals, and college students. CM Training, LLC  CM Training, LLC also provides consulting to organizations looking to improve the quality of work for their staff in order to improve services to their clients in the community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to drive solutions by continuously giving training or consulting to students, trainers, and experts so that organizations could improve the quality of work and services to their clients. 

case management

If your organization provides these services, we can incorporate our case management training's to better serve your organization.

  • Homeless shelter services
  • Criminal justice
  • Employment Services
  • Children and Family services
  • Senior Citizens
  • Children and Adult with disabilities services 
social worker

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social work
case manager
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(410) 929-5653

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