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case management training

Supervisors Training

This training course is for Case managers looking to transition from case managers into management. Case managers will learn about supervisors' skills, Job duties, data collections, supervising a team, managing a budget, and networking in the community. Case managers who are qualified with experience and education should enroll in this course 

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How To Start Your Own Case Management Business

Are You Ready To Start Your Own Case Management Business?

Enroll in this Course You will learn how to start your own business. Learn the various steps of starting your own case management business.  Your Idea could bring you passive income. Students will  learn how to structure your business,  build a team and  become your own boss 

CM Training, LLC

Work From Home| Teleworking For Case Managers

Are you interested in working as a case manager? Have you thought of working from home? Do you know there are available jobs for case managers to work remotely? This course is designed for all case manager who has an interest in working remotely as a case manager.  This course will  provide information on the various job duties, and day to day job function of a virtual case manager 

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Nurse Case Management 

How to become a Nurse Case Manager

This course is designed for nurses who are looking to becoming a case manager. RN case managers are registered nurses who are responsible for the coordination of the various services that are involved in the care of a client. Nurse Case Managers use resources and services in the best way possible. They provide services inside the hospital, Residential Homes, and the Community.

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